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Kipany’s focus and business practice groups are in place to address all mission-critical aspects of our clients' marketing and sales challenges. Offering a full and true Omni-Channel solution, we pride ourselves on our innovative and strategic approach to every assignment.

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Sales and Revenue Growth

Kipany specializes in customer acquisition on behalf of both Fortune 500 and early-stage growth companies. We successfully engage and deliver customers within the United States and international markets. From lead and demand generation, to the closing of the sale—Kipany can augment your existing sales and acquisition efforts with scale and accelerated growth. For many of our clients, we serve as the primary resource for sales and customer acquisition.

Our Sales Solutions:
  • Hyper-Targeted New Customer Acquisition (Consumer & B2B)
  • Omni-Channel Lead Generation and Qualification
  • Cross-Sell & Up-Sell
  • Win-Back Campaign and Communication Stream
  • Save Desk and Retention
  • Consumer Continuity and Affinity Programs
  • Consumer Journey Design
  • Relevant and Meaningful Data and Analytics
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Brand and Product Marketing

We create sustainable engagement through innovation, strategy, marketing automation and memorable creative executions. We help conceive, implement, and launch highly successful consumer activations for your brands while investing in productive and intelligent dialogs with you and your brand teams—with the ultimate purpose of driving engagement and revenue. Kipany created four main offerings to address the critical skills needed to maximize our clients’ return on customer investment.

Customer and Digital Strategy:

Our unique approach and view of this capability helps us identify the right investments, the right channels, and articulates an investment and execution strategy that makes perfect sense for our clients’ key needs.

Direct and Digital Marketing:

This is our “outbound” marketing services arm, delivering online and offline communications to the marketplace that drive behaviors such as acquisition and cross-sell. Creative is also a pillar of this offering, and infuses everything that we do.

Self-Service Marketing:

This “inbound” set of services drives and supports our web offerings, as well as self-directed channels such as community and search.

Data, Measurement and Analytics:

All of our work is driven and governed by generating maximum marketing productivity, and this capability houses our data management, as well as program and customer analytics professionals.


Marketing Technology

Kipany develops award-winning proprietary technology solutions for client use and deployment. From precise audience hyper-targeting to customer engagement sales and service technologies, our solutions are world-class and are used by some of the world's largest brands.

ScreenPlay™ is the only platform designed to positively impact your Sales, Revenue, and Customer Care teams. ScreenPlay and ScreenPlay IDR™ deliver immediate and measurable results for the agent, supervisor and executive leadership within your call center, guaranteed! ScreenPlay puts the power in the hands of the campaign and marketing teams—with absolutely no reliance on your IT department.

Learn more about, ScreenPlay™
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Strategic Creative Development

At Kipany, we believe that it’s all about the work. The best creative work is work that moves markets and resonates with its audience. It’s work that’s remembered. Work that engages its target audience wherever they are, whenever they're most receptive, on whatever device they happen to be using. And it’s work that’s deeply grounded in insight and intuition, brilliantly conceived, aesthetically sharp and flawlessly executed. From advertising and experience design through branding, relationship marketing, ecommerce and product innovation—we do it all.

Our Service Offerings Include:
  • Conceptual Development
  • Digital Design and Development
  • Social Media Strategy and Development
  • Broadcast Production
  • Packaging and Identity
  • Cross-Platform Marketing Campaigns
  • Transmedia Storytelling
  • Content Creation and Execution

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